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Stagg Small Percussions Set

Small Percussions Set for Children, including: one chromed triangle 4 x 0.8 w/beater, one pair of 4 wood claves, one 6 pretuned wood tambourin w/4jigs, one pair of wooden maracas, one wooden tube shaker, one plastic egg shaker, one wooden 4pr jingles...

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Stagg Children´s Percussion Kit

Children´s percussion kit in transparent plastic box w/ sealable lid - Includes: 1 x wooden Jingle stick - 1 x 4 wooden mini tambourine w/ 1 row of jingles, rivetted head & beater - 1 x metal triangle w/ metal beater - 1 x mini dual tick-tone w/ beater...

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Lp Latin Percussion Lp Matt Sorum Kit - Lp1208-ms

An exciting new pack to our line, Velvet Revolver´s Matt Sorum´s pack contains a tambourine, cowbell, jam block, and a Mini Everything Rack. * The LP1208 Jam Block is the modern version of the age-old wood block. It has rich sound, strength & durability....

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Lp Latin Percussion Lp Mike Portnoy Kit - Lp008-mp

- LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell with a red Jenigor plastic bar - LP Cyclops Tambourine with Nickel-plated steel alloy jingles and a forged eye-bolt assembly to fit securely on any 3/8 diameter rod or hi-hat stand pull rod - LP Mount-All Percussion Bracket...

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