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Doepfer A-181 Multiples 2

Enthält zwei 6.3mm/3.5mm Multiples mit je einer 6.3mm- und 2 3.5mm-Klinkenbuchsen, ein Multiple ist mono verschaltet (d.h. die beiden kleinen Klinkenbuchsen sind mit der Spitze der 6.3mm-Klinkenbuchse verbunden), das andere is stereo verschaltet (d.h....

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Doepfer A-182-1 Switched Multiples

Module A-182 is a simple passive multi-connector similar to the multiples module A-180. In contrast to module A-180 each socket is equipped with a 3-position switch that allows to connect the corresponding socket to the internal bus #1 (left position),...

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Doepfer A-129-4 Vocoder Slew Limiter Controller

To use the Slew Limiter section of the 129 /3, you need to have module A-129 /4 (Slew Limiter Controller) as well. It has several dedicated functions, and gives you control over the following slew limiter functions: - Manual control of the slew rate...

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Doepfer A-129-5 Voiced Unvoiced Detector

The Voiced / unvoiced detector (A-129/5) can recognise voiced and unvoiced sections in the speech signal, and switch the carrier signal accordingly. The incoming speech signal is processed through a pre-amplifier with adjustable gain and a treble boost...

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